Mindfulness Training

 Mindfulness is a key ingredient to emotional stability, overcoming obstacles, and lifelong happiness. Our Mindfulness Workshops are workplace-appropriate and trauma-sensitive. We are extremely meticulous in ensuring the training sessions positively impact all the participants, allowing every workplace to benefit from their teachings. 

Practicing mindfulness is a powerful way to retrain the brain to take new perspectives on obstacles. Our sessions are scientifically based, rooting themselves in the researched benefits of the practice.  They focus on improving stress resistance and elevating performance. Integrating mindfulness into the workplace can have profound effects on the whole team.

Mindfulness 101

One Hour Session

An excellent introduction to mindfulness. We will explore the neuroscience of mindfulness, as well as learn its key foundations. Then, we will train participants on how they can effectively integrate mindfulness into their day.

This workshop is a great way to bring a team's awareness to the moment. Training them to handle stress in a healthy way and enabling them to bounce back from difficult situations with more control. The teachings from this workshop ensure that participants are more capable of taking on new obstacles in their day-to-day life.

Stress Resilience Program

Eight Weekly Sessions

Taking an in-depth look at the practice of mindfulness. The Stress Resilience Program targets key brain systems, training the participants to embrace a daily mindfulness practice. This program helps cultivate a deeper connection to our minds, allowing us to recover from the strong emotions and the difficult obstacles that we face in our lives.

This program features several scientific-based approaches proven to increase focus, attention to detail, and overall happiness. Elements that are essential to supporting a vibrant workplace in today's complex times.