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Discover Mindfulness 

 Mindfulness meditation is a key ingredient to emotional stability, overcoming obstacles, and lifelong happiness. Our Mindfulness sessions are workplace-appropriate and trauma-sensitive. We are meticulous in ensuring the sessions positively impact all the participants, allowing every workplace to benefit from the experience. 

Practicing mindfulness is a powerful way to retrain the brain to explore new perspectives and mindsets with life's challenges. Our sessions are scientifically based, rooted in the researched benefits of the practice.  They focus on improving stress resistance and deploying full potential elevating performance. Integrating mindfulness meditations and micro practices into the workplace can have profound effects on the whole team.

Mindfulness 101

One Hour Session

An excellent introduction to mindfulness. In this rapid fire session, we will explore the ways in which mindfulness affects our brain systems. This allows us to fully understand how mindfulness works, as well as the benefits it brings. Then, we will begin to explore various mindfulness practices that participants can use for a wide variety of situations.

This workshop is a great way to learn how we can bring our awareness back to the moment, without requiring too much precious time. Training participants to handle stress in a healthy way and enabling them to bounce back from difficult situations with more control. The teachings from this workshop ensure that participants are more capable of taking on new obstacles in their day-to-day life.

Mindfulness Meditation Toolkit

Four Sessions Weekly

This four session program dives right into the foundations of mindfulness. We understand that time is precious, so we carefully designed this program to prioritize impactful knowledge. During the 45 minute sessions, participants will experience firsthand some of the basic mindfulness meditations that have real-time benefits such as improving focus and concentration, dealing with anxiety and strong emotions as well as finding your anchor.


Throughout these sessions, we build a toolkit suited to your everyday needs, with a concrete understanding of how to choose future practices, to maximize their effectiveness. Each session will leave participants with an increased understanding of their inner power, and how they can harness it. Perfect for regaining focus in these complex times.