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Specialized Workshops

 Our Specialized Workshops are designed to offer you and your team a deeper understanding of your inner selves, given that we live life from the inside out. These give a mountain of support when most needed, especially in these extraordinary times.

Each of these workshops gives profound insight into your personal drivers, motivations and communication styles. In addition, all of these offer a unique set of skills, perspectives and resources to add to your professional toolkit.

Building Synergetic Teams

A team working together in harmony (and healthy tensions) creates a dynamic community filled with creativity and innovation. In this workshop, participants explore various personality styles and dig into how each collaborates to create a synergetic team.
Participants will come out of this workshop with a greater sense of their strengths and needs, allowing the team to work together towards common goals more efficiently.

Communicating with Heart

Compassionate communication is key to building trust and honestly in your team. The Enneagram RHETI allows participants to see how they are wired, giving them a deeper knowledge of their personal communication and collaboration styles. By understanding this, we can begin to communicate with intent and truly have impactful conversations. This level of communication unlocks innovation and promotes growth for the entire team.

Leading With Courage

Emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly critical in the workplace. In this workshop, participants will learn the emotional intelligence factors that affect them and explore the essential ingredients to their personal success.  They will also learn about the driving forces behind productivity, workplace happiness, and authentic leadership, all elements that make leaders worth following.

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