Mindfulness can reduce stress, suffering and actually make us happier and healthier. The reality of this pandemic and the complexities of today's context is that it continues to have many negative impacts on us. But life with its many challenges doesn't need to be life-sapping. You can choose to cope with the disruptions to your natural rhythms and the overload of it all by finding healthy life-giving adaptive measures.
Coaching for Excellence and its founder, Caroline, offers two workplace mindfulness workshops 
as a way to directly address some of the key challenges and stressors affecting the current workplace. Caroline is an experienced  Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator & Coach and can be a valuable partner in any workplace mental health and well-being initiative. 

Both workshops build the capacity of individuals to find their ground, bounce back and deal with the stress in a different way. The first workshop is an introduction to mindfulness that also gages current stress levels in the workforce. The second workshop is a more comprehensive approach to address chronic stress and pain points in your workplace.  Both initiatives are inspired by the highly respected and empirically-supported Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) that was started by Jon Kabat-Zinn, American professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 



Are you finding that people around you in the workplace are showing signs of burnout, chronic stress and/or lack of work-life balance? Whether it is affecting individual mental health and/or their capacity to be full and productive participants in the workplace, are you looking to introduce mindfulness in a way that is culturally appropriate and effective? Then this session is built for your workplace.


Date: Please contact us should you be interested in holding a session in your workplace (available in both Official Languages)

Length: 3 hours

Cost: $3500 for up to 30 participants (includes tools and micro-practices)

Location: Zoom

Wellness Coach


Are you finding that this pandemic and its many resulting effects has led you, your team and/or your organization to feel unhinged, burnt out, unfocused, isolated and/or knocked off balance? Are you or your workplace struggling to find enough energy to meet everyday demands and/or struggling to cope? In this program, learn mindfulness-based stress-busting strategies and practice resetting; so you can bring your whole self forward. Some benefits include a greater sense of resilience, increased focus, happiness, a sense of well-being, and knowing how to better care for yourself and leaving you in the driver's seat towards a healthier and more balanced life. 


Date: Fall 2020 SOLD OUT  |  Please contact us should you be interested in building a program in your workplace

Length: 8 Weeks

Time: 9:30 a.m. ET 

Location: Zoom

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