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Many of you might know how it feels to be totally embodied since this is often a place where you feel resourceful, in the zone and intentional instead of reactive and functioning from the “back seat” of your awareness and intelligence. 


The act of being embodied means you are LIVING TO THE POWER OF THREE, the foundational purpose of Coaching for Excellence. 


It is scientifically proven that we have three brains, in our Head, our Heart and our Gut. When these are aligned, they can make us flourish, and become resourceful and purposeful. However, their misalignment can make us suffer, becoming reactive and unbalanced emotionally and physically.  Deepening your balance of these will lead to more freedom, resourcefulness and choices. It leads to being in a wiser relationship to one’s own experience, a key result of being more mindful.

We are a dedicated team of individuals who believe that it is always possible to LIVE TO THE POWER OF THREE, using the head to build wisdom, using the heart to compassionately respond to life and the gut where the right action and deeper knowledge emerges.  We work with individuals and teams to build and strengthen soft-skills for hard times.

“All real change begins with self change. As enterprise leaders, our capacity for organizational growth is directly proportional to our own growth.”

Kevin Cashman

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