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Coaching for Excellence has several years of experience in working with the public, private and non-for-profit organizations. See what our clients are saying about our professional coaching services!

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Derek Covington, Former Director,

Canadian Olympic Committee

 Montreal, Canada

“Caroline has been a fantastic addition to our peer learning program at the COC as one of our Leadership Coaches. During our monthly virtual Co-Op calls, Caroline’s skill as an integral coached stood out, helping our participants work through a “what keeps you up at night” issue. She was able to challenge our clients to reflect and reframe the problem while drawing on the experiences of others to uncover blind spots and create new ways to look at solutions. She was regularly successful at helping clients see where they needed to make some changes and clearly expose what the real issue was. She was able to use the coaching framework, to navigate the often complex issues and discussion to help clients gain renewed perspective and inspiration to make practical and real change in their work settings.”

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James Papadimitriou, Partner,

McCartney Tétrault

 Montreal, Canada

“Caroline’s unique customized program offers senior leaders the opportunity to harness their creativity and perceptive abilities to enhance not only executive leadership skills and workplace performance but also management of work life balance challenges faced by many in today’s workplace.”

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Veronica Lysaght, former Strategic Director, International Coach Federation

 London, UK

“Caroline has inspired and challenged me to work in a generous, honest and respectful way. Her coaching style combines her wisdom and experience with a generous spirit and plenty of laughter. Working with her has made a huge difference to how I show up in the world and I thoroughly recommend her.”

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Monette Maillet, Former Deputy Executive Director and Senior General Counsel, Canadian Human Rights Commission

 Ottawa, Canada

“I started working with Caroline a couple of years ago. She has helped me immensely and with her integral approach, I now feel more confident to lean into crucial conversations essential to healthy workplace dynamics. This has been beneficial in both my work and personal life. Whether it be coaching circles or one on one coaching, Caroline has been a tremendous support to me over the years! I would hire her again and recommend her services.”

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Andrew Foti, Founder & CEO of Avvōkat

 Ottawa, Canada

“Caroline is a unique and talented coach. Deeply knowledgeable and compassionate, Caroline is able to spark insights to help individuals be at their authentic best, whether on the ski hill or in the boardroom. She coaches from the heart, and is passionate about developing human potential.”


Angela Felker, Distress Centre 

Ottawa and Region, Canada

“"Working with Caroline was truly a life-changing experience. She is empathetic and professional and offered a variety of ideas and tools to support my growth and personal development through some challenging times. Most importantly, she is a fantastic listener who allowed me the space to truly get to know myself and what I'm capable of. The self-awareness I gained while working with Caroline was truly impactful and so very appreciated. I've developed newfound confidence that allows me to present my best and most authentic self to the world. Thank you, Caroline for all that you do."

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