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 Creating Your Path To Purpose 

A good coach changes your game. A great coach changes your life.

Our Purpose:

Human potential can be endless. With a growth mindset, our inherent and unrealized talent can be unleashed to surpass all that we thought possible. Coaching for Excellence offers mindfulness training, professional coaching, and various development workshops to teams and leaders looking to live into their full potential.

With the right practice and discipline, everyone can find their path to success. We believe that possibilities are cultivated by integrating and using our three brains, the Head, the Heart, and the Gut. This mindset allows us to foster growth in clients; Offering them the skills to live the power of three.

Our Founder:

Coaching for Excellence is led by Caroline Thibaudeau, founder and leader who was first inspired by transformation and coaching during her almost 25-year career in public organizations. Caroline received her integral development coaching accreditation from New Ventures West, one of the gold standard- coaching schools worldwide. She is also a continuous learner and has recently completed Jon Kabat-Zinn’s world-renowned Mindfulness Stress Reduction program.


Alongside these and many other modalities and approaches (such as a certification in Group Coaching), Caroline has deep experience working in crisis management environments where chaos resides. This makes her and her team uniquely able to help heal teams, strengthen conversations, enhance collaboration, and much more.


Our Programs

We strive to help you find your purpose and fine-tune your focus on the path to transformation. All of our programs are delivered by an accredited coach who is certified in workplace-friendly mindfulness approaches. Every workshop is led with a professional mindset, aiming to grow your skills and empower you to make skillful choices every step of the way.


Our Workshops share soft skills that help us get through hard times. They are targeted to help particular areas of life, promoting self-reflection and personal growth. These workshops are excellent for improving team collaboration.

Our workplace-appropriate Mindfulness sessions build the capacity of individuals, allowing them to deal with stress in a different way, which empowers them to find their ground and bounce back higher and better than before.

Our Coaching programs empower people and support individuals and teams alike. We share skills that truly enable you to find the potential in yourself and others. In addition, these programs help to build a strong foundation for your team.

Testimonial & Success Story

“I started working with Caroline a couple of years ago. She has helped me immensely and with her integral approach, I now feel more confident to lean into crucial conversations essential to healthy workplace dynamics. This has been beneficial in both my work and personal life. Whether it be coaching circles or one on one coaching, Caroline has been a tremendous support to me over the years! I would hire her again and recommend her services.”

Monette Maillet, Former Deputy Executive Director and Senior General Counsel, Canadian Human Rights Commission, Ottawa, Canada

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